“Nina Nina Nina ! Did you hear that girl’s pipes? I’m AFRAID of that lady !
— Patti LaBelle to her band after calling Nina onstage at Caesars, Altantic City. Nina sang "At Last" a'capella - and brought the house to a standing ovation.
It’s a hard life, babygirl...(Patti continued to Nina) - but promise me you will never let anyone or anything get in your way.
— Nina promised Patti; she never would.
In a land where hype without substance rules, Nina is the real thing,. You can’t fabricate the kind of pure, real soul that Nina brings to every song she sings. I’d compare her to other R&B or blues singers, but I honestly believe that Nina’s voice already ranks with the best in pop music today. I don’t rave often, but this is a truly amazing singer and performer. ” ......
— Bob Smith, music critic - Good Times Magazine
“Her icon comes at you dancing, and her voice really comes from the soul; rocking, howling, guaranteed to get you off your feet and dancing, rising and lifting. Out of New York and destined also for bigger things.”
— ..Angelo’s List - Real News Network, The Seattle Globe
“I’ve produced many Broadway and Network TV musical productions and have been a League member & Tony-voter for 15 years. I see great talent every day and I can state with complete conviction that Nina is such a talent”
— ...Jeff Rowland, Two Hands Entertainment
Nina is already considered by many as one of the finest pure singers Long Island has ever produced.
— ... Good Times Magazine
“Quite talented, blessed with a beautiful vocal range, extremely focused and dedicated to her craft. Audiences love her and she has already gained the support of some seriously seasoned, professional musicians in NYC singing with my bands as well as her own.
— HARRY WHITAKER (music director Roberta Flack, Roy Ayers, Stephanie Mills)
I LOVE working with her - she scats like a rock guitar !
— Janet Lawson (Grammy Nominated Jazz Artist)

Nina is a Katie agresta vocals™Pro

Bachelor of Fine Arts degree:  Jazz & Contemporary Music & Voice ...First Time University Award:  Rock Voice

All-State Jazz Soloist : NY State Governer's & Legislature's Jazz Awards Concert

All State Jazz Vocalist Award - 2 Years

All-State Chorus Award - 2 Years

All- County Chorus Award - 6 Years

National NAfME & NY State NYSSMA Music and Voice Educator