How much fun is it to just land in Brooklyn and run rampant through the streets ?  We just moved from location to location near the train yards and warehouses and caused havoc wherever we went.  From adorable Hasidic Jewish men laughing at us because we thought the blue steel drums contained toxic waste; to me dancing and, as I turned the corner filming; running smack into two nuns almost knocking them over! - yup ! - me and my BRA !!! - lol; soooo much fun !

Elisa Hale produced and directed, Eliav Mintz did double duty as DP and camera, and; whoa ..we could have never pulled it off without Alison Jones running music and EVERYTHING else !
 It was a very freeing experience - no lights, makeup artists, etc etc.  I loved that they decided to "go gorrilla" for the shoot !