This was one of my craziest video shoots ! First, we started to shoot and realized the make-up was all wrong - had to completely wash face and Machiko had to start all over from scratch - (my angel!- hair and makeup stylist ) - hair wouldn't stay put so we had to use Japanese "power spray" -- don't ask me what was in it, but don't try this at home ! - lol

We had a tough time getting Mike and Himyo to "fight".  They would alternate between laughing and apologizing to each other.  Tamasha had never acted before and put us all to shame - I love the shot of her "calling for security".   Speaking of "security", it took a ridiculous amount of laughing and "I'm sorrys" to get through the scene of Scott throwing Himyo out of the studio. 

Elisa and Patrick had Daniel roll me around in a swivel chair; a scene that we "thankfully" cut as you could tell I was dizzy from it !  The fan blowing my hair all over my face wasn't too successful as well, sometimes I wonder how we got it all done from the laughing.  At the end, though, Elisa took me off and worked her Director's magic on me, and those are real tears you may catch a glimpse of at the end. 

All in all I couldn't have done it without them all.   My heroes:

Producer/Director : Elisa Hale, DP - Patrick Reis, Assistant Director - Daniel Lugo, Hair & Makup-Machiko Takahashi,

Actors:      Himyo Green- boyfriend, Mike Watts - producer, Tamasha Pamphil- engineer, Scott Justinovicz - studio security